Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Third World War and more Pirates

Tonight I played a game of Third World War, set circa 1985. An American force was moving to capture a bridge being defended by overstretched Soviet forces.

Below is the battlefield. The Soviets were along the left side, while the Americans were entering from the right.

It seemed I drew the short straw, getting the oldest equipment on the table.

My unit defended the bridge and town, which were the main objectives.

Early on Scott moves towards a gap. The more modern equipment of the US force and the double cards in the deck made them more maneuverable. As it turned out the Soviet force was unable to destroy a single American unit, while the entire Soviet force was obliterated.

Having arrived home I was able to get photos of the next 4 pirate crew I had matte sprayed this morning before work.

The metal figures below are Foundry (left) and Old Glory.

The next two consist of a plastic (left) from Weapons & Warriors, & another metal Old Glory.

So I find myself happily at almost half the next crew completed, needing only the Captain, Navigator & another 5 crewmen.

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