Sunday, October 11, 2015

Zomtober Week 2 & All's Quiet on the Martian Front

Last night a couple guys came out to run through the All's Quiet on the Martian Front game we will be running at Fallcon next weekend. Scott wanted to get the rules in his head as its been some time since we played.

As well I managed to get my Zomtober entry in this week. It's likely I won't have an entry next weekend due to my being away, but its possible I can squeeze in a Zombie related game entry.

First up is El Cholo, my Zomtober entry for week 2.

I guess I needed to look closer at his card, it seems he is supposed to have quite a head wound, which I didn't include in the painting. I may need to go back & add that!

The biggest concern for me was his tattoos. So once again I dug through my old decals box. God bless Tamiya for adding the Japanese language text.

The next issue was finding 2 identical or very close sets of this text to use. After much digging I think I did find a matching pair. Turned sideways & mounted on the forearms.

 Now onto the All's Quiet on the Martian Front game. Bruce & Scott made it out. Here Bruce is surveying the initial deployments for the Human forces. Again the Landship has broken down & has called for assistance. There are some deployed human infantry & an Anti-Tripod gun hidden in the hasty defences.

The Martians arrive, seeking to destroy this troublesome machine.

The human reinforcements begin to arrive

The Martians push past the human infantry screen.

The initial defence by the humans knocked out several of the tripods, but the scales began to tip.

The Landship was quickly having its armour whittled down. The Martians also managed to destroy 2 of the gun turrets including the main battery.

After many hits, the Martians did manage to destroy the Landship, which is quite a feat.

 So now the game is packed again, ready for its trip to Fallcon. It will be interesting to see how the convention crowd takes in this game.

Also on the table are the beginnings of a couple Frostgrave bands for the upcoming Remembrance Day gaming where I hope to have several guys out for what will be several of our first runnings of this game system.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Bob, maybe we can entice you to come play on it for the Frostgrave event.

  2. Love the work on El Cholo, the tattoos are a brilliant addition. Now that All quiet on the martian front is something else - wow!

    1. Thanks Michael, I wish I had the skill to paint my own tattoos on the figures, but must rely on decals to do it. Yes looking forward to running the All's Quiet game. Both Scott & I have a lot more stuff from the kickstarter to get built & of my winter projects (at least until the next shiny arrives)

  3. Great work on El Cholo who is one of my favourite Zombicide characters. :)

    1. Thanks Pulp, yes I think when I first saw this Machete character, I was drawn to him as well. Danny Trejo is one of those actors whose movies I enjoy, just glad I don't need to paint his real tattoos.

  4. Real nice El Cholo dude! Tats are excellent touch, great work.

    1. Thanks Bob, though one day I may need to try to freehand them, I am running out of Tamiya Decal sheets

  5. Lovely work on El Cholo
    The Martian Front game looks real nice, too