Monday, May 21, 2018

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Alliance Rangers

I've started working on the latest batch of figures for my friend Brent. First up we have the Alliance Rangers.

They are all the same pose, it would have been nice to have them in different poses, but as they are allies, I guess it makes them easier to keep track of. Sort of how all the Empire soldiers look the same.

Short & sweet for today. Hope to have the others completed by the end of the week if all goes well.


  1. Sweet indeed. Great looking Rebel trooper Terry!

  2. I agree different poses would have been preferable, but at least it's a decent pose.

    Looking good Terry!


  3. Lovely job Terry, these are on my wish list, but trying to stick to one planet at a time - failing dismally! :)

    1. Thanks Michael, all the Imperial Assault stuff I've painted is for my friend Brent. All my figures are still in their pristine state. One day I will get to mine.