Saturday, July 20, 2019

Frostgrave - The Breeding Pits (Campaign Game 6)

Last Sunday we had our sixth game of our current Frostgrave Campaign. This time we finally made it to one of the Breeding Pits!

The scenario was out of the book, with the addition of the following mods.

1) If a creature spawns from picking up a treasure it will be gnolls. Roll on the Gnoll chart to determine what spawns.

2) The 2 pits in the centre of the area are drawing air into them. They are for all intents bottomless. Anyone or anything entering them is gone. The downdraft also draws any FOG spells towards it. Moving them 1d4" per turn. As soon as the end of a  fog cloud touches the hole, it is drawn into it & removed.

3) We had Random Encounters each turn as usual. When the entry location was determined. A D6 was also rolled. On a 5 or 6, the creatures spawned on the walkway above.

We had 5 warbands pitted against each other this game.

Yhegda - Lvl 14 Witch

Bilgax - Lvl 10 Necromancer

 Severus - Lvl 16 Enchanter

Herryk - Lvl 18 Enchanter

Kalzar - Lvl 6 Summoner

So I will let the AAR tell the tale

 So when the dust settled, here is what each warband earned & lost

Herryk - 220xp, 100gc
  Markas, Durain, Harsk,Arixeer & Med Construct Killed; Diinsec Miss Game

Kalzar - 480xp, 33gc, Grimoire - Possess; Staff of Power (3), Scrolls - Plane Walk, Plague of Insects, Embed Enchantment
  Shred killed.

Bilgax - 160xp.
  Bill killed; Lucky Miss Game.

Severus - 580xp, Iron Collar, Spectral Blade, Thunderstrike Javelin
  Silvanus Miss Game.

Yhegda - 320xp, 65gc, Book of the Beastcrafter, Circlet of the Timewalker (Sold), Scrolls - Elemental Shield(Sold), Invisibility.

The Magic Shoppe in Bordertown now has the following available in the store.

Grimoires - Fast Act, Furious Quill, Brew Potion, Bone Dart, Bind Demon, Healing, Reveal Secret, Banish(x2), Blinding Light, Awareness, Elemental Ball

Scrolls - Circle of Protection, Combat Awareness, Call Storm (x2), Blinding Light, Reveal Secret, Miraculous Cure, Elemental Shield, Transpose, Write Scroll, Planar Tear

Potions - Demon in a Bottle, Explosive Cocktail

Staff of Casting, Leather Armor +1, Bottle of Time, Dagger +2 Dam, Circlet of the Timewalker, Cloak of Protection +1 Armor.

Meanwhile back in her base, Yhegda has worked on some summoning....


Maybe it summoned me!

Thanks for following along!


  1. It must take you and age to put together lease amazing posts; another stunner Terry! As for that final image... oh my goodness!

    1. Thanks Michael, it does take me some time. I usually get the photos downloaded, resized the evening after. Then its comic book time. I am sure the guys are casting more fog than they need to just to make my photo taking tougher for each spell, etc. I often end up dropping some of the spells, etc due to not being able to see those involved.

  2. Wow!! What a post Terry, that was absolute corker of a game to say the least :)

    1. Thanks Ivor...I should feel bad for Herryk, but I really don't. He's been in the lead quite some time now & we all need those humbling moments to ground us. Of course there's a new leader now, so he can expect to be the main focus now.