Sunday, August 13, 2023

Palette Lifts

With all the cargo stacks I've been painting up, I had these 2 palette lifts sitting at the side of the paint table, waiting for their turn.


These are 3d printed figures from Lv427 & I believe came with the Hangar set as additional pieces


I added some paper warning signage & onto the screen, followed by some old model kit decals for the numbering.


After that it was time for some weathering & now I call these done. 


Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Wow! These are superb, both in their futuristic look and your exceptionally good brushwork on them! It's also good you have some things that can move your abundance of pallets stores around, They also look like they may ne robotic.imo.

    1. Thanks Joe, absolutely they are likely robotic. I have moderation set up, which can sometimes pose a challenge when commenting, but rest assured they will get through. There are still quite a few that get flushed.

  2. (2nd Attempt)
    Two excellent looking pieces, lovely models and eceptional paint-jobs. They look as is they may also be robotic, great for futuristic games.

  3. Really like these sculpts and the scheme fits them perfectly. Just the type of scatter on a sci-fi table that adds to the scene