Tuesday, July 2, 2024

It seems I've gotten - In Too Deep!

Last fall, I got to try a new game (at least for me) during Kefcon called In Too Deep. Not sure what I was really getting into, however...


I think it best to allow the makers of the game provide the intro


So afterwards I was talking with Craig about our thoughts of the game. Both of us were taken enough to track it down for our group to play. The copy I found didn't have the miniatures, just the standees, so a quick search got me the company's website & I was able to procur them.

So here are the first bunch I finished painting up during the weekend. These figures are likely close to 54mm in scale.

The Jumper & The Scourge


The Sprinter & The Fixer


The Disruptor & The Persuader


These were done with Speedpaints/Constrast Paints, with minor acrylics to finish or the metal pieces


And the rear view.


There are another 4 or 5 cyber criminals to paint, as well as the Security Bot & Droids. Then we will be ready to get a game in. I am not sure our club night will work as there won't be enough time, however it may provide a good opportunity to show the game & see who goes Too Deep!


Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Some fun looking figures although not a game for me 🤔

    1. I thought the same Matt, but after playing it a couple of hours, it was an interesting experience. I know your much more of a historical fella!