Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saga Welsh Warrior Unit

I finally finished the first of my Welsh Warrior units for SAGA. All the figures are Gripping Beast.

The remaining images are closer shots of them. I used Army Painter Dark dip, painting it on with a brush, and then spraying a matte varnish over that.

 I am still sitting on the fence with regards to the dip. On one hand it gives the models something they really need - a hard protective coating to resist greasy fingers from rubbing off the paint.

 I do wish it was more of a water based product however so that I could dilute it down so as not to have it at full strength all the time. There are some areas that just need a little shading, but overall after spraying the matte overcoat I am pleased with the final results.

I am now working on the next warrior unit. As well the Levies are almost all glued together & soon to be primed.

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  1. Vallejo and GW washes can be watered down or cut with clear medium (or Future) depending on whether you want glossy or matte finish.

    Your colour palette has a good dark age feel. You might consider that buff tones makes a good highlight on blonde hair that after a wash makes it look more natural and less Lego-man yellow.