Friday, August 3, 2012

HoTT Goblins

Today I finished up a couple more stands of Goblin Blades & the first stand of mounts for my Goblin Wolfriders. Until the riders are finished they can serve as a stand of Beasts.

As in the previous stands, this one contains a mix of GW plastic, metal & Ral Partha models. I like the variations of the stands vs all the same figures.

Ditto for this stand.

Just to paint something a little different, I picked up a boxset of the Goblin Wolfriders. This is the first of 4 stands total I need for my Orc/Goblin Impetus force. The riders will be finished likely next week sometime so these Camera Canines will be back!

As well as getting my HOTT army painted for the fall campaign I have been rummaging thru my crawlspace gathering miniatures and other items for the upcoming Bitz Swap on the 19th of Aug at the Aldergrove Communtiy Centre (8535 182 St) hosted by Edmonton Onslaught. Hope to cya there!