Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mordheim Beastman Warband

My third Mordheim Warband was created with the Mordheim Beastman Box set and a few additional metals I had.

The box set produced for Mordheim by GW has some very beautiful models, with lots of detail and character.

The band is led by Aroogah! who comes equipped with his own maid. He let her keep her unloaded blackpowder pistol to remind her of the futility of trying to defeat the Beastmen.

Of course a shaman is a must have to counter the magical prowess of other warbands.

Two Bestigors keep the rabble in line and guard Aroogah.

A Centigor provides scouting and of course the desire to always be intoxicated.

Rounding out the remainder of the warband are a mix of Gors and Ungors. The two below I believe are older GW metals.

These four booty laden beastmen are all part of the Mordheim Beastman Warband box.

The warband can also include Chaos Hounds. I know I have those models somewhere, its just a matter of finding them. Lastly this warband can field a Minotaur who is currently sitting on the paint table.

Thanks for looking.

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