Saturday, December 22, 2012

Goblin Chariot, Descent

Finally got the crew finished for the first Goblin Chariot for my HOTT/Impetus Army. They kind of got shunted aside as other projects started to override them.

I got this chariot at the swap meet back in September? It only had one side piece so I removed it & replaced it with stir stick ends on both sides. All the models are GW plastics, while the chariot is metal.

I've also completed 2 more of the Descent miniatures I'm doing for a friend.

Zyla appears to be a fairy of some sort. She is quite small compared to the other Descent figures.

Last we have Karnon, who appears to be something of a Yeti or Bigfoot. Either way he looks to pack a mean Whallop with that metal studded club.

I know, your wondering...Where are the Zombie?

Never fear, I have a great many more lining up to be painted & will be getting a whole other set of them on Christmas Morning.

As well as we start getting games ready for the Mayday Games Venue, I will be started to load my painting table with Pirates.


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    1. Grew? You had me thinking I had a typo, but on was just you Bob. Have a Merry Christmas!