Wednesday, December 19, 2012

War Rockets at EWG Club Night

As the year draws to a close, we held our last EWG meeting of 2012. Scott brought out his War Rockets for us to play.

Of course no day would be complete without more Zombies. Another 3 have rolled of the production line.

As we prepare to play War Rockets..Bob is shocked that the year is ending, wondering where the time has gone.

The other players were Bruce, Chen, Scott & myself.

The Imperial Fleet played by Bruce.

Bob and Scott played the Civilian Convoy with escorts.

The game is quite fast playing, with easy 1 sheet reference rules & a separate sheet depicting the ship profiles. Ships go POOF very quickly.

Chen & I shared the Xenethian fleet. Needless to say there were many jokes about the Platters, being 1 dimensional & our ships lack of defence due to their being made in Taiwan.
The painting by Scott was impressive however.

We played 2 games (seeing it went so quickly), the second time around the Convoy fleet was beefed up. The second game drew to a 3 way conclusion as every larger ship than tier 2 was destroyed & the civilian transports decimated.

Another fun night of gaming with friends. Now I need to wait until next year to see what it brings to the tables!


  1. I was actually anticipating the rogering you and Chen were about to give me!

    1. We were just waiting for you to step up to the plates...pun intended!