Saturday, December 1, 2012

Consignment Completed!

I have finally completed my first consignment! The last three of the Descent figures are now done & after posting here will be prepped for shipping to their new home.

First however I wanted to show this little kit I picked up a couple years ago & had yet to try out. It was a compact Lightbox kit that folds up into a carrying case & comes equipped with the 2 lights & the mini-pod.

With the grey days of winter upon us, getting outside for natural lighted images will be fewer. So this will be used on those days.

First up for the Descent figures is Syndrael, whose description infers she is some sort of holy warrior. She was pretty straight forward to paint, though I did use a slightly different green for her cloak.

Next we have Grisban the Thirsty. A Dwarf with a drinking problem. He carries a cask to quench his thirst after quenching his axe.

Lastly we have Ashrian. Not sure what class she portrays, though mention  of spirits on her descriptive leads me to believe she is a shaman or soothsayer type of class.

I think she was the most challenging to paint as she has a lot of belts, multi-hued clothes and sashes & of course her fur cloak.

I am now working on a couple miniatures from the Zombiecide game. I hope to have them completed by Tuesday night as Dan is bringing out his Zombiecide game for us to play. I have been looking forward to giving this game a try for some time now.


  1. Nice work. The light box will really help with photography although mine still works best if used during the day (in a room with a window. If I need the overhead light, sometimes I still need to correct for a yellow shift.


    1. Bob, I agree, natural light is by far the best option...but as you have seen, we have been in a grey period. Most digital cameras do a good job of dealing with white balance..will need to play around with mine a bit more. I may bring a cliplamp into the play as well & use a daylight bulb to see what that does to the photos.