Friday, December 7, 2012

Zombicide and Mordheim Warhound

I've finished up a couple more miniatures.

First up we have Dave the Geek from Zombicide.

As I look for things to use as Logo's on shirts. I was rooting through my old military model decal box and found some unit insignia for German WW2 units that I thought would make a good logo for a Geek. I started looking online for Model Car decal sheets figuring Formula 1 racing decals would be a good startpoint.

Next we have my first (of a great many) Zombies done. This is a Walker & there are 4 variants of Walkers that come with the game. These will also be perfect for an All Things Zombie game.

 Last as I continue to try to finish up Mordheim Warband options, here is a Warhound for my Witch Hunter band. This figure comes from I believe an Old Glory blister of animals for a Gladatorial game.

I have a second Zombie and another Warhound drying from the dip atm. They should be ready to post sometime during the weekend.


  1. Terry: Is Zombiecide just a retreading of that old tile-based, multi-release Zombies game (came in black boxes with grey plastic Zombies--cannot think of the title off hand)?

    1. Hey Bob, I own most of those Zombies! Games. I would have to say No. This is not a remake of the Twilight Game system. This one has the survivors level up & improve, but levelling up also increases the number of zombies which may spawn. Also Zombicide is cooperative whereas Zombies was every poor fool for themselves & players would try to kill the other players. If your interested in giving it a try, let me know.