Monday, December 31, 2012

Pirate Ships and Mighty Empires

As the year draws quickly to a close & I prepare for my yearly tradition of watching all 3 extended Lord of the Rings Trilogy over the next evening & day, I am looking forward to next years immediate goals for my painting projects.

First up with Mayday planning in the works, I am working at getting my 28mm pirate ships painted for the game I will be running at this years event.

Now to be fair, I bought these 2 ships on ebay, already painted by a talented fellow. He had added a balsawood deck between the fore & aft deck, and had 4 of the cannons permanently fixed. Of course this would not do for Pirates as things tend to go BOOM! so I had  to remove the add-on & modify the mid-deck by removing the plastic nubs & tabs which the original ships came with. Then had to repaint the mid-deck, trying to maintain his style, which I must say I liked.

Both ships had the skull & pirate hat decalling on the sails, but I scraped it off of the second ship which had white sails....removing it from the brown sails would have created its own difficulties.

I have 2 more of this style of ship on the painting table & this will give me a fleet of 4, which will be used as my Merchant Carracks. I will be getting their crews sorted out in January to start getting them painted up.

With the new year also comes the next campaign for our Edmonton DBA group. We continue with discussions as to what we want to do next, so I am starting work on a HOTT Campaign which will be mixed with some campaign flavour from Mighty Empires.

Seems I have my work cut out for me with these villages...there are a lot to paint & though they are small, they seem to take me a bit to get done. I do like the models however & they have a lot of detail.

Next up is one of the city tokens. Lots of detail for so small a token.

 Lastly I have 4 of the players Stronghold (Capitol) tokens. I have played around using multiple colours to define them. Of course they will need marker flags as well & as the ones that come with the game are limited to perhaps 3 or 4, I will need to paint some different styles.

So with this post & the promise to my wife that I will not buy any more miniatures this year, I sign off wishing everyone a Happy New Year & look forward to reading the posts of others I follow in the new year.


  1. Terry, good luck with the new HOTT campaign. Developing a campaign is no easy task, as I learned, but I'm sure you will fair better. I love the old citadel towns and castles. They look great.

    1. Thanks Mark. Yes I am quite happy I managed to get a hold of these little gems. As for the Pirates, I hope you will be here for Mayday to give the game a try. The last game I ran, everyone had a lot of fun.