Monday, December 17, 2012

Zombies, Confrontation and Descent

Now that the weekend of seeing the HOBBIT and other family things is done, I managed to finish off a couple more miniatures, as well as apply the Army Painter dip to some previously painted models.

Up first we have a couple more of the Walker Zombies from Zombicide.

Next are some of Confrontation's Alahan Spearmen who have received their dip and matte spray

Some Paladins of Alahan. I did these 3 in the colours of the Red Lioness, with the intent of using them as her bodyguard.

Lastly I have started on some more figures from Descent, which are part of my second consignment. Up first we have Shiver, who from the name & appearance, seems to be some sort of ice-mage.

I have 3 more Zombies drying from the dip as well as a Goblin Bowman who is part of the chariot crew.

Also tommorrow night is the last EWG club night of 2012. Scott is bringing out his War Rocket's Game which I am looking forward to playing.

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