Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HOTT in May

We got together this evening for our continuing HOTT Campaign. Dave was unable to make it & managed to somehow have the highest points. Must be the explored towns he found.

But in any case onto the battles. Chen & I went at it again, this time I was defending one of my cities from the Dwarfish Dregs.

The battle was a see-saw affair until Chen rolled a series of 1's which pretty much finished him & he withdrew from the field upon the death of his General. The shot below is where the forces ended. I must say they were quite dispersed.

Meanwhile, Dennis & Stu had declared war on Chris. The image below shows the battle lines before Stu's contingent showed up. Chris had some good opportunities to bag some beasts with his mounted General & Hero, but failed in his dice. Soon after it was all over as Chris's General fell.

We are now in the Fall turn of year 6. We will be fighting 2 more field battles to start out next campaign night.

The standings now sit at

Dave         60
Dennis      45
Stu            24
Chen         58
Chris         36
Terry         58


  1. I should stay away more often!

  2. Interesting report. Great to hear that Chris and Stu are still in EdBAG.

    1. Mark, it isn't the Chris your thinking of, its another gaming Chris who has returned from being mothballed

  3. BTW, I like your battle mat and stronghold. Nice work.

  4. Thanks Mark, I really like the Zuzzy mats & they do indeed paint up nice. The tower is from the Battlemasters game