Monday, June 3, 2013

Spartacus Miniatures & Last Night on Earth

I finished up the 4 Spartacus miniatures as well as the first of many Last Night on Earth Survivors.

These fellas are the soft plastic ones that come with the board game. Alas, they suffer from the bent pole-arms, but hey at least he can stab around corners.

And here is the first Survivor from the board game "Last Night on Earth"

Not short on style, this axe wielding socialite is ready to party!

Up next is EWG club night tomorrow & more survivors in various stages of painting.


  1. Did you try the boiling water trick on the pole arms? Often works for bent soft plastics.

    1. Never heard of that Dave, you can tell me more at HOTT night

  2. Easy-peasy. Boil a cup of water, immerse the bent bit in the very hot water for a few seconds to soften the plastic, it will often straighten immediately. Remove from hot water and pinch in the desired position between your fingers then immediately hold it under cold running water for a few more seconds.

    Presto, minor bends should be straight and stay that way. If it has improved, but is still bent, repeat.

    Best done prior to painting.

    1. Thanks for the info, will try that with the next warped warrior I come across