Monday, June 17, 2013

Brownstone Buildings & More Last Night on Earth

As I continue with work on consignments, I took the opportunity to finally complete a bunch of brownstone buildings I picked up in 2011.

I got them off of Ebay from When I saw them, my thoughts immediately turned to Pulp style games, Gangsters, VBCW, etc.

They arrived pre-painted, though I had to glue the doors, windows & storefronts onto them.
They also arrived with quite a number of barrels, crates & as can be seen above, pallets of bagged goods.

One of the buildings I purchased was a ruin.

I also received several walled pieces & extensions to add to the buildings. I did have a couple break in shipping & the vendor was quick to replace what was damaged. I was very happy with this purchase.

On the painting front, another 5 characters from Last Night on Earth have been completed.

 This round I finished a police woman & an escaped convict.

A Sherriff, Priest with flaming brand & a Nurse.

Tomorrow eve is EWG club night, so I will be off to that. Otherwise there are more Last Night on Earth characters on the painting table.


  1. Great buildings (is that a zuzzy mat?). The figures are also turning out nicely, although the sculpt makes the nurse look a bit like a drag queen.

    1. Yes Bob, its the reverse side of a Zuzzy mat. As for the Nurse...well they are designed to be heroes, thus the Heroic proportions.