Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Battle of Vitoria

Dave & Dennis brought out their forces for another game of the Battle of Vitoria, this time using the Lasalle rule system. We had actually played this battle the club night 2 weeks prior using the Command & Colours both cases, the British lost. So here we were for a rematch.

Dennis & I played the British/Portuguese & Spanish against Scott & Dave who played the French.

The British line at the beginning of the battle.

And the French.

Unlike the Command & Colours battle, the British were able to get across the bridge. However with 3 larger French Arty Batteries against my 1, it was a lost cause. Here we see the French in Attack Columns closing with the British Lines. By this point I had lost the British Rifles, my Arty Battery & 1 British Line Regiment, all to the French Artillery.

At the other end, the Spanish were all at the bottom of the Esprit classes, after Dennis rolled 3 1's for I recall he rolled a lot of 1's. The French had at this point managed to swing his Cavalry around the flank.

We called the game with a Marginal French victory. Again the British now I wonder, what rule set will we try next to get the British their victory?

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  1. It's the scenario, I think the problem is the French anticipate the British crossing and can pin the columns down with artillery or otherwise oppose the crossing. Historically, the British crossed unopposed. Without that element of surprise on the left, and the unpredictable Spanish on their right, it's difficult for the British to work either flank since the French position is quite strong and they have the benefit of perfect intel. Frontal attack on a hill covered with artillery and French regulars?