Monday, August 19, 2013

More Descent Heroes

It seems indeed that no good deed goes unpunished HAHAHA!. I no sooner finish up with these last additional consignment figures when I receive an email that my client had managed to pick up the Zombicide survivors & Zombivores...sooo with Fallcon fast approaching has asked that I get mine painted & we could swap.

This round we have Dezra the Vile & Logan Lashley.

Dezra appears to be some sort of necromancer/sorceress.

Quite the dynamic pose! She is a shoe-in as a Caped Crusader.

Then there is Logan Lashley, some sort of great weapon fighter.

Lots of belts and straps on this lad.

It's off to the club tomorrow night & then I will begin working on the additions to the additions for Fallcon.


  1. More super miniatures for me to drool over, splendid!

    1. Thanks Michael, Fantasy Flight has certainly upped the ante on their sculpts!