Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm now a fan of Fanticide!

Kevin ran a game of Fanticide at the club last night. He used forces from his LOTR Dwarves & Warriors of the Dead vs. a mixed bag of Goblins, Orcs & Trolls.

Kevin created the forces, giving them stats and abilities and generated a scenario. The dwarves and undead warriors were to try to gather 3 dwarf treasures & then get them off the board. The Goblins had to prevent that, as well as seek out the slaying of the leaders of the Dwarf/Undead for Pride.

The game is card driven, with a card for each unit per side. As well Masters & Legends receive command cards, allowing for more moving of units. Another thing that occurs is a random event card that is added each pass thru the hand.

The games lasts 6 decks of the cards. As units are removed, so are their cards, thus by the last deck, it went very quickly.

Ahoy the Troll Chieftain. This behemoth withstood several volleys of arrows before succumbing.

Meanwhile one of my Undead Warrior Units managed to bag the Orc Warriors, below can be seen the last of them. The mechanics are very easy to pickup & indeed the rules make for a very Convention Friendly set.

The second troll and some Orcs advance. The green token seen at the bottom right of the image represents one of the Dwarf Treasure Troves. The Undead Warriors were unable to pick them up & the Dwarves never even got close.

The troll charged into the Undead, only to himself be brought low.

The Dwarves left the field with 1 of the troves, while the Goblins managed to bag all 3 of the Dwarf force leaders. The final tally was close with a score of 74 - 68 for the Goblins.

Thanks to Kevin for bringing out his excellent terrain & finely painted miniatures for us to play with.

As luck would have it, I arrived home to find the parcel containing my own copy of Fanticide sitting on the dining room table!

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