Saturday, July 12, 2014

Baldwin Mk III Steamer Tanks

This morning I completed the first of my Mk III units for All's Quiet on the Martian Front.

Adding an extra 2 guns on Sponson's certainly adds to the firepower. As well a MG mounted in the front will aid against the Loboton's.

I continue scrounging thru my old decal box trying to find suitable markings to add. This time around it was the numbers in the red box. I have the same available for my next unit of these as well.

I also received game specific decals which I have also started to add, namely the logo's & tripod kill markers.

I will need to do a quick tally to see where I am at with points, as the chatter on our club's Facebook site see's this game drawing a lot of attention. Of course Scott & I will need to get together to get the rules sorted in our brains before then.


  1. Lovely tanks Terry, those Martians won't know what's hit them.

    1. Thanks Bob, I am sure these will be the main targets of the tripods, at least til the bigger stuff begins to arrive.