Sunday, July 20, 2014

Alls Quiet on a Sunday Afternoon.

Finally...after months of waiting for the Kickstarter, further weeks to get stuff painted, Scott & I finally got to try All's Quiet on the Martian Front.

We started off with the intro scenario & it was basically a human armoured force against the Martians.

The Martians move quick! They easily covered half the table in 1 turn. They also blasted 2 of my tanks before they could even move. Here 2 Assault Tripods loom over a ruined building.

The Martian Scout Tripod scurries forward. Behind can be seen 2 Grenadier Tripods, whose launchers can reach out to 50". I think you can see where this is going. The Scout has a targetter which lights up enemy units for the Grenadiers.

After losing a couple tanks, we finally felled a Tripod.

The Armor lumbers forward to fire, then withdraws back behind the hill.

The Scout manages to get a sweep attack from its heat ray on these Steamer III tanks. I think  one was destroyed from this attack.

Another Assault Tripod is felled.

The Scout tripod moves close to the routing armoured unit & destroys it.

The Martians win the first round.

We then set up & played the Outskirts scenario. This saw the addition of the blip markers which changes things up a bit for the humans, as the Tripods are not quite sure what they are aiming at.

Once again the Scout Tripod moves forward, if they get to within 6" of a blip, it is spotted.

A unit of Steamer II's moves down the road.

The tripod below was struck by a couple tank rounds & then I opened up on it with a HMG unit, as you can see by the markers, this Tripod was wobbling around with 1 armour point left.

This ended in a human victory, but it was very close & could easily have gone to the Martians.

We played the same scenario again, this time I finally got to put some Infantry on the table.

And just as quickly got to remove them as they were hit by the Grenadiers using Black Dust.

Things were going well for the Humans, when the destruction of a Grenadier Tripod ended with a Catastrophic explosion which destroyed the second nearby.

So the day was a success, it allowed us to see some things & how the game played. A game is generally only 6 turns long, but the ranges & movement make battles happen quickly & we never did get to 6 turns.

 I have a few more units to complete before the next Club night on the 5th of August where Scott & I will host this game.


  1. That looks and sounds like it was tremendous fun Terry.

    1. Thanks Michael, yes it was. The game is fast paced & will be excellent for convention games. They keep it abstract enough to keep it flowing. We are looking ahead & having to enlarge the game space with the arrival of the Landships. Will likely see the whole top of the gaming table used at that point.

  2. Great looking game dude. Seems to play fast too.

    1. Thanks Bob, yes it does. Great for a club night game.

  3. Wonderful stuff!
    Your gaming buddies are fortunate to have you in their club!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Paul, I know for a fact they are especially fond of my blowing a dice roll at the most inopportune moment.

  4. Great report and great pics. I noticed your infantry are individually based. Are those figures from another game pressed into service or did you singly base the All Quiet infantry? Just want to know how the single bases affect the game (LoS, zones of control, etc)

    1. Thanks for posting John. In answer to your question, I chose to go with single based infantry as I already owned a bunch of buildings, etc & would find the based troops too restrictive. However I did get washers that if I have the washers in contact with one another, equal a base length. Measurements would still be from the centre of the unit etc. They are a bit more work to move about, but I prefer the trade-off. I will be doing the same with my Rough-riders, etc.

  5. Great eye candy. It looks very tempting!

    1. Hi Mark, yes the models are quite nice & there is much more to come. They are already giving us a glimpse of whats to come, ie Prussian & French armies. With the background in the HC rulebook they also allude to Russian & Japan/China forces as well.
      I would expect that next Fallcon will see a game being run.