Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Last night we had 9 people out for our special Canada Day meeting. It was only that due to it being a holiday here celebrating our nation's birthday.

Scott, Andy & I played a game of SAGA.

Andy had never played SAGA before, so we gave him the Vikings, Scott played his Normans & I played my Welsh. It was a 4 pt battle.

Below are my Welsh troops

Scott's mounted troops head out.

After a couple of turns of moving, we finally saw the Vikings & Norse clash. It didn't go so well for the Vikings.

Meanwhile after a couple turns of the Norman Levies finding themselves in Holy Ground, missiles began to fly. My levies were engaged by the Norman Warlord & a Hearthguard.
With the playing of a nice ability, my paltry 3 die became 8 causing the Hearthguard to lose 2 of their men, the third (& last) took a hit for the Warlord. Yes it was that close, the Levies having performed well, though they lost 7 of their number.

Below the end is nigh, as this was where everyone was to begin the last turn.

Scott & his Normans won with 11VP's, to my 8 & Andy's 7. Good game everyone.


  1. Nice looking game dude. Up the Welsh.

    1. Heh, the Welsh are my troops! I am always one to pick the most unlikely to succeed just to see if I can. Surprisingly each time I've had Normans try to smash my Levies, they have always managed to survive & inflict damage on the offender.