Monday, July 14, 2014

HMG Teams for Alls Quiet on the Martian Front

So I finished a bag of the HMG teams, & thought I had completed another unit, when I looked into the book, it states that a HMG unit has 3 elements...<sigh> OK, this one is understrength then.

A photo below shows a team in a defensive position.

Tommorrow night I will be at the club running Zombicide. Last time the scenario was easy, I will likely play the first scenario which due to the sheer number of cards, makes it harder to find whats needed. Should be fun for all.


  1. Very nice paint dude. Love the colour scheme.
    Zombicide is the WNI's go to game at the moment.

    1. Thanks Bob. Yes I rather like Zombicide, its a great pickup game for a club night. Having played just the first & 2nd scenarios of the original game. The second one is way too easy. The first one, which we are playing this eve, is much tougher as it requires the group to search everywhere to get the needed items, thus allowing for more zombie spawns.