Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zombicide at EWG

Last night at the club I brought out the Zombicide game for another go.

I had quite a few takers for this round.

We played the very first scenario of the original Zombicide. It didn't take long for the shadow of death to take Wanda.

Shortly after we all fell to a mob of 4 Zombie dogs & 2 runners which between them dished out 10 wounds... that only took about 40 minutes.

Ok reset & try again. We did have some first time players.

Though 2 of our number called it an early night, the remainder pressed on. We were doing quite well initially, with quite a few single walkers or nothing spawning. Alas we did not find all the items we were needing, and below is a photo of what was swirling around us Zombie-wise. I believe all of us were in the orange by this point. We decided to call it at this point due to the time.

So what's next? More All's Quiet miniatures to be painted. Scott is coming out Sunday afternoon to go thru the rules, with the intent to host the game at the next club night.


  1. Wait till you get to red dude, it gets crazy real fast.

  2. Always a crowd pleaser, looking forward to getting a game in this weekend myself.

    1. Nice Michael, are you guys playing the original game? Or something further along?