Thursday, November 5, 2015

Frostgrave Awaits

It's coming down to the last hours before the warband's will fall upon the ruins of Frostgrave. So a little more time for painting some stuff before the mists rise Saturday.

I've worked out my starting warband, though I still need to choose my spells. So here they are, Elementalist, Apprentice, Archers x2, Crossbowman, Templar, Thugs x2 & a War dog.

The figures are from quite a range of companies, Frostgrave, GW, Confrontation & the dog I don't recall.

I've planned for 3 scenarios, though depending how fast they go, we could see 4 or 5. The first scenario will be merely a treasure grab, with no other objectives than to get loot & scram.

Depending on the number of fella's who show up, there could be 2 concurrent scenarios. 

The first being the Silent Tower, which is what I needed to build those bridges for.

The other end of the table is set up for the Well of Dreams & Sorrows.

Another view of the table.

Depending on how everyone is doing we could then proceed with The Living Museum & Genie in the Bottle.

I'm planning on taking lots of photos, but hopefully some of the others will pitch in on that account as well.


  1. Need more snow :). Seriously, great tables.

    1. Thanks Chris, but this will take place during the 'Big'Melt'. I guess perhaps I should have stated using the 'Frostgrave Rules' as I tend to use my stuff for more than 1 system, dousing it all under snow isn't likely to happen. I did think about getting some cotton batting to festoon about, perhaps another time.

  2. Oh my goodness me, that looks amazing! Where did all the terrain come from? Surely this is just adapted from your collection Terry, I haven't missed a whole swath of posts on your Frostgrave scenery have I?

    1. Hi Michael, all that terrain comes from 30+ years of collecting. As noted in earlier posts, I am a big Mordheim fan (no massive armies to paint) & we've had leagues with 20 players. This meant needing LOTS of terrain. A lot of this has been picked up from other gamers (thus pre-painted), etc. After action reports will be coming tomorrow after the shenanigans today.