Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Frostgrave - First play for a buddy

As mentioned earlier today, Chris came out to give Frostgrave a go. I had the table set up & built his warband. I gave him a Summoner & went with my Elementalist Fizzle & Spark again.

I just set it up as a treasure grab. 6 treasures randomly placed & off we went.

Chris's Man-at-Arms approaches a treasure cache.

Chris had managed to possess 2 of his members, including this dog. Though archery made short work of it.

The possessed thief, made for a hasty leap by Fizzle onto the bridge.

Chris's apprentice had a lot of rotten luck & actually became wounded from all the miscast spells. One of my Men-at-Arms ran up to him...


Meanwhile the possessed thief, swung about & ran at my thug. Luckily for the thug, the thief was wounded. Dead thief.

As Fizzle kept getting Bone Darts shot at him, he cast Fog ( really need to make one of these better, as piled cotton balls just don't cut it.)

Chris then had his Knight & wounded thug engage my Thug...BAM! Natural 20 by my Thug... 

made short work of the Knight!

Meanwhile a Minor Demon had been summoned & laid the smackdown on my Man-at-Arms.

As Spark was making his getaway with a treasure, the Minor Demon received a Leap & landed in front of him.

2 Failed attempts at leaping away & BAM! Down went Spark.

The rest of the battle saw Chris take out my mage with a 24 roll on a bone dart. The minor demon was filled with arrows. Chris's summoner also fell to arrows. This left my 2 archers vs Chris's single wounded know how that ended.

It was good to see Chris play a game again...its been a long while.One observation made is that games seem to take a long time to play, so I guess the next question is How long should a game take? As we are still learning rules, etc, this does cause a slowing of momentum, so we shall see.



  1. Thanks for the game Terry. It is a really fun system with lots of interesting mechanics. I can't help comparing it to Mordheim which I love. That being said considering the lightness of the fluff I would have to say I see remarkable possibilities for this game. It definitely isn't the last time I play.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I think if you were going for a campaign game, there would be a few other choices to launch your warband in regards to spells. There are quite a few that are between game casting.

      I think playing a campaign would really showcase this system.

  2. The more I see of his the more tempted I become.

    1. Michael, if your a fan of Mordheim & skirmish games in general...which you seem to be from your blog. Then this would suit you well.