Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Frostgrave at EWG

Last night I joined Kevin for a game of Frostgrave at our club night. I believe this was Kevin's first game & he did some research opting for a very fast, nimble force of a Soothsayer, 4 thieves, a ranger & I believe a tracker.

I once again took the field with Fizzle & Spark, my Elementalist warband.

Kevin had brought out his recent Reaper Tower Ruin kit that he had posted on his blog. Excellent work on it. So of course I had to place a treasure right at the top of the ruin.

Kevin summoned a Zombie. 

As well a Minor Demon wandered into the area & of course it chose my side of the table to enter on. It engaged one of my bowmen & my Man-at-Arms joined the fray.

Which may not have been the wisest move. However it did allow for my Archer to disengage.

Meanwhile as 4 of Kevin's soldiers left the field with treasures, I managed to bag his Apprentice.

Spark had a good round, after slaying the Zombie, he cast a successful Scattershot.

Dropping the wounded Demon & I believe his Ranger who had also been wounded prior.

 Then his Wizard fell to a well placed arrow.

This left him with 1 last thief who attempted to battle my Wizard, but was intercepted by the archer..who won the fight!. Thus the game ended with Kevin spiriting away 4 treasures & I received the last 3. 

All of Kevin's warband survived with no ill effects except for the Ranger missing next game. I lost my Man-at-Arms who succumbed to he wounds inflicted by the Demon.

This game went quite well. With both of us having warbands ready, we played the game out with post game rolls in about 1 hour, 45 minutes. From the sounds of it Kevin really liked the game system. Though I think I will need to find a way to hobble his speedy thieves, perhaps a hammer to their kneecaps?



  1. I must admit, the more I read the more tempted I become. I think it is the different possibilities available when building the warband that is intriguing me most.

    1. Michael, with 10 schools of magic to choose from, even an Elementalist can at a higher casting cost use other schools of magic, the extra cost being based on how far from your school teachings the other spells are. The choices you make on spells to start with (usually based on the lower casting numbers to make it more likely they will work) will vary depending on whether your playing a campaign, or single one-off. Lots of cool things I've yet to explore, so join the fun!

  2. Nice pics table and figures look great.

    1. Thanks Simon, Kevin does good work & the pile of stuff I've collected over the years should allow us to switch some of it up

  3. Okay, I just read through all your posts on your Frostgrave adventures. Really fun stuff sir. Love the terrain pieces and warband, they all look great.