Monday, November 2, 2015

Frostgrave Thugs

  Last night I completed my first 2 thugs from the Frostgrave plastic warrior box set. These multi-part plastic figures have quite a range to make pretty much all the options. Each figure has a range of bags hanging from their belts, though there is options to add more if desired.

This time I switched back to the Strong Dip & am much happier with the result. As I continue to dabble with my Basius & Green stuff, I see I need to spend a bit more time meshing the edges, but I can fix that with a bit of putty & paint.

These could likely pass of as Thugs of maybe a Thief for the fellow with the sword.

Last night I also completed the construction of 2 bridge walkways from balsa & popsicle sticks. These will be used for the Silent Tower scenario & are getting painted when I am finished here. Tomorrow night is also club night, which means 1 less night to prep for Saturday, but I think its going well overall & I hope to have another 3 figures finished at the very least.


  1. Very nice, you are not making it any easier for me to resist this Terry!

    1. Thanks Michael, looking forward to playing this Saturday, so stay tuned for AAR's.The Frostgrave Warriors box set is ideal for many sytems.

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    1. Thanks Bob, Certainly makes for a break from Zombies

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    1. Thanks Bob. I will try to do more & improve with each.