Monday, February 22, 2016

Garden of Morr Gate

Before the fellows arrived yesterday for Frostgrave, I had just finished the Army Painter dip on my Garden of Morr gate.

So as we gamed, we enjoyed the wafting odour of said Army Painter Dip. Ahh well, it is my games / painting room after all.

So here is the finished front of the gate. Seems I've forgotten a piece that mounts on the top. I may leave it off as it would likely suffer getting knocked off anyway from gaming.

And the inner wall. I believe the graves had headstones to be attached, but I've decided to hold onto them for use with individual grave plots. Still thinking about how I want those to be made.

Still quite a few pieces from this set to be painted up, but as I prepare for another weekend of Frostgravery, they will need to wait.