Sunday, February 21, 2016

Busy Weekend: Cthulhu Wars & Frostgrave

Had a very eventful weekend, starting with seeing Deadpool Saturday (WOO-HOO!). Then it was off to Craig & Arlene's for a game of Cthulhu Wars.

Craig wanted to go through another game, to work out his briefing to new players at the Mayday games event. Scott also came out & below are the 4 starting locations. We used the Primeval Earth Map.

I randomly selected the Windwalker faction.

As each turn passed, more & more of the map became covered with Glaciers. If a gate was on a Glacial zone, no-one could control the gate, so all factions benefited.

Another image of a Glaciated Gate.

Below are 4 of the 5 Great Old Ones. 2 of which were mine.

As the huge battles at the game drew to a close & the points tallied, I was the winner with 42 pts, followed by Craig 33, Scott, 25 & Arlene at 10.

If readers recall, Arlene won the previous time we played.

Today was also the second game of our Frostgrave Campaign, where we once again vied for treasure & glory.

The Rival Warbands have stumbled across he Mausoleum of some ancient Necromancer, that is overflowing with both treasures & the Undead. 4 Special treasures are located at the corners of the Mausoleum & several wandering Skeletons begin on the board.

Ember leads her warband & after a successful Telekinesis, has a treasure pretty much ensured.

Scott's warband was also successful with 2 Telekinesis spells, drawing the special treasures away from the Mausoleum.

Jonathan's thief approaches a special treasure, but is engaged by a skeleton.

Jonathan's warhound attempts to prevent the escape of Scott's thief with a treasure, but is laid low.

A Werewolf found its way to the field & caught the scent of Scott's warband.

One of my thugs gets the first treasure off the board.

Meanwhile a battle between my Man-at-arms & my Thug, raged with Jonathan's thief & thug'. Down goes Jonathan's thief

Followed by his Thug. Fizzle then  cast a Telekinesis spell & drew the chest away.

The Werewolf was about to pounce when it suffered a heavy wound from an archer, reducing it to a single action.

Scott's construct was making its way towards Jonathan's archer.

Ember got caught in a melee with a skeleton & lost, taking her out of action.

Jonathan's Apprentice makes it off the board with a treasure.

We had a few more wandering monsters arrive, but all seemed to enter on the same side of the field & didn't get engaged.

Scott's Knight takes out the Werewolf, thus earning a 20gp bounty.

By this stage, all treasures were pretty much secured & headed off table. The results were as follows;

Jonathan snagged 1 normal treasure. Upon opening it revealed 20gp & a suit of Leather Armour (+1 to Armour). His dog was badly wounded & will miss the next game.

Scott snagged 1 normal treasure & 2 special treasures. Upon opening he received 120gp, +1 Fight Dagger, & scrolls of Invisibility, Possess, Familiar & Elemental Shield.

I also snagged 1 normal treasure & 2 special treasures. Upon opening I received 357gp, 2 scrolls -  Call Storm, Glow; & 2 Grimoires - Decay, Time Walk

So overall, apart from the badly wounded dog, no party suffered losses.


  1. So much to enjoy here, very envious on all counts.

    1. Thanks Michael, its nice to enjoy playing with those things we spend so much time painting! In fact between now & end of May I have several gaming adventures to partake in.