Thursday, February 4, 2016

Third Times the Charm for Chain of Command

Tuesday night saw the third attempt of the allies to get past scenario 1 of the Operation Martlet Campaign.

This push saw the fog had lifted, allowing the Allies to deploy right away. The Germans were under a heavier bombardment, requiring a 5 or 6 to deploy on the first turn.

Another Churchill AVRE arrived & began shooting at buildings. As well the British Light Mortars began laying smoke.

One German squad arrived & using the rubble deployed, & opened up on the mortar team out in the open.

There were a lot of 5's rolled (4 for the Germans on 1 phase), so the turn ended, allowing the Germans to deploy everything.

The British had a few double phase turns with Scott rolling quite well this eve. He managed to run one of the squads behind a building. 

The AVRE continued to pound the Germans in the rubbled building. Eventually 2 German squads were wiped out, the second from a British Infantry charge, where the shocked & pinned Germans were overwhelmed.

A British Jeep attempted to rush across the field, but was riddled with the fire from 2 LMG's & burst into flame.

With some more multi-phase actions, the allies finally succeeded in getting a team off the German edge of the board, forcing the remaining Germans to withdraw.

On a side note, Lt Ormandy was sneaking through rubble & behind walls, hoping to get within grenade range of the Germans. However as no-one witnessed his claimed acts of Heroism & Daring, no awards were given.

In Summary, this will lead to us finally advancing the campaign to Scenario 2 next month. We will need to wait & see the after action report from Dave to determine what forces will be available.

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