Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guilds of Cadwallon

During Fallcon, I picked up several games during the Flea Market. One of these was Guilds of Cadwallon. A small game I saw being Kickstarted, but never bought into.

Those familiar with Confrontation, are well versed in the world, which included the Free City of Cadwallon. 

Playing on that city, this game creates a setting where the players are using their agents to garner support from the various guilds, to earn the most guild points & thus win the game.

The city districts are laid out in a grid, with space between (the boulevards). The boulevards are used by the agents to position themselves, with support to win the district.

Added to the mix are the Militia, which actually penalize your ambitions. The rules leave a bit to be desired & do not fully explain how all the cards are entered into the game, however we played 2 games (adding 6 action cards the second game). 

Once players got the hang of it, there was a lot of strategic blocking, thus preventing some players from running away with the game. Placement of your agents is all important & as you must place an agent each round, your inevitably going to run into the Militia.

One thing of note is the game uses no dice, so its all about strategy. It seems the game also came with the 5-8 player expansion which made me even happier with my purchase. 

I enjoyed the game & may bring it out to the club again as a stand-by in case there are not enough other games being hosted.


  1. I've had this sat on my shelf since the KS and have not had a chance to play it yet... so I'm glad to hear that it is fun. One day!

    1. So Paul, did you also get the 5-8 player expansion? I looked on boargame geek after we played. The gameplay video sort of contradicted the rules by saying the agent also counted to the score. This may have been from the original version of the game. As I said, the rules are a little vague, but with some tweaking would make it easy