Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just in time for The Others!

Well there it goes, right out the window....willpower! Just as I had finally thought I had a plan for the next while until Fallcon, which figures to paint, terrain to build.

Now I am totally distracted by the new arrival I picked from the Post Office today 

it was..... THE OTHERS!!!!

After the items have been removed from the box. As with most Kickstarters I tend to get it all...which has likely added another 10 years of painting.

The core game


The add-on factions

OK I admit that I have likely felt every one of these Sins with the unveiling of this shipment..certainly Lusting to get these boxes open to oggle what is sure to be the fantastic miniatures inside.

Envy for knowing I will not likely get to do much more than look for the time being.

Wrath at cursing that lottery ticket that once again won nothing...

Gluttony at once again ordering everything in the Kickstarter...but knowing I will be unlikely to attend those huge gaming conventions where 'Kickstarter Only' models change hands, so its likely the only time I would have the chance.

Greed? Well, I will certainly be letting others play the game, but from several experiences of having someone forget something that was needed, I learned to always be prepared with everything.

Some additional items that were part of the Kickstart

I even bought into the plastic wound, corruption & game tokens.

 So if you are unfamiliar with this game & what some of the miniatures looked like from the renders...think Cthulhu & tentacles!. I just know that others besides myself are wondering how to work these into Zombicide or other Pulp gaming goodness!


  1. Oh my you went big! I so very nearly went for this too, I have a horrible feeling when I see the miniatures that I will be kicking myself!

    1. Hi Michael, I think you will have regrets. I will crack some boxes this eve when I have a chance & post some photos for you.

  2. I saw this on Kickstarter and managed to resist backing it. I knew it was going to be a ton of plastic and quite frankly I have enough plastic right now - switched to very selective backing of Kickstarters mode.

    Hopefully you post some of the game play like you do with other games. They had a video with a short play through on the Kickstarter project and it will be interesting to see how your experience matches up with that video.


    1. Hi Brent, yes I recall discussing this one with you at Fallcon last year. I suppose it just saves me doing some more painting for you hehe seeing as I still have quite a bit left to work on.

  3. Wow! You do have a lot of painting in your future! If I'm not mistaken, you also have some Northstar figures coming your way too, although I think these are painted, lol...

    1. HAHAHA thanks Stanley, yes I discovered I had won a painting figure from the 100th newsletter draw yesterday morning.

      I do seem to have an easy time getting the stuff, its finding the time to paint the stuff I am still struggling with.