Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Warhammer Quest - The Silver Tower

Last night Kevin brought out a much anticipated game. The new version of Games Workshops Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower. I've been looking forward to this from the moment Kevin posed the question of playing it.

This I believe was the first game for all of us, so that added to the excitement. I opted to play the Warrior Priest, who comes with a Gryph Hound companion.

The party enters the Silver Tower.

The first chamber & our first adversary...a Herald of Tzeentch!

We managed to slay it quickly & Elliots warrior found a book...which he read hoping to achieve enlightenment....a small explosion later... 3 wounds.

We spent a round of respite & then continued, finding a room with 4 Grot Scuttlings. Another quick battle which saw them slain in good order.

Next chamber, next adversary group. This time it was Tzaangors! Just check out Kevin's painting on these guys!

We then encountered the Librarian (which was an improved Pink Horror!)

Coming to the end of the first path, we turned around & headed back to the other passage, only to be ambushed by something huge! & Enraged! & with 18 wounds. This was the end of the Gryph Hound.

We managed to fell the creature & this is where the adventure went sideways...our Barbarian having a die remaining did the big no-no...he Explored. And then...

Followed by...

Overwhelmed the Barbarian suffered a Grievous wound & was removed. We then managed to form a wall, with my healer in the rear casting heals every chance he had. However we were under diced, as the horrors kept blasting us with various flame spells which were hitting all of us.

It looked like we had it in hand, when another Unexpected event occured...dropping 3 Acolytes behind our warrior wall.

At this point it was getting late, so we decided that we were on our last legs.

Kevin's miniatures were fantastic! The game flowed quite well & there is a fair bit of random things that occur ( everyone who knows me, knows that I really love games with randomness!)

I now look forward to getting another opportunity to play this game!


  1. Looked like a great game! Nice seeing all of his fantastic work on the board.

    1. Thanks Brian, that it was. I suppose the next logical step is now to make some 3D terrain to have those fantastic miniatures walk through!

  2. Sounds like a fun game it does look rather fabulous

  3. Thanks Simon, the system is quite slick. The adversaries act based on a die roll on their chart for actions. This allows everyone to participate & the rune cursed person for that turn runs them & determines how they carry out their actions. Then there of course is the Destiny Dice. Rolling doubles on these often leads to bad things.

  4. Looks like fun. Nice work on the paint jobs!