Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign - Game 3: The Lamp They Found on Fogway

This past Sunday, 3 of the other's came out for our next game of the Frostgrave Campaign. We played the Genie in the Bottle, however as usual, I modified the game slightly due to the number of players. We actually had 2 warbands absent for this game.

While searching through the ruins, one of the treasures unearthed contains a golden lamp, that is home to a very old, very angry Genie. The only wish he grants, is wishing you didn't find him.

Being in the canal district, the area is blanketed in fog, limiting visibility to 20". What's worse is that it is thickening, reducing visibility by 1" per turn.

The Genie counts as a Major Demon

M:7 F:+3 S:+3 A:13 W:+5 H:14 Immune to Non-Magic Weapons

The lamp is worth 300gc. The warband that discovered the genie receives 50xp. A further 200xp goes to the warband which lands the killing blow on the genie.

During the aftermath each of the warbands collected the following

Maximilian (Died) - warband taken over by Ludwig, Bremen misses game
     120xp, 70gc

Bob - Spot misses game
     650xp, 520gc, 2 Hand Wpn (+1 Dam), Grimoire's - Time Walk, Destructive Sphere

Innovar - Tan, Shadow miss next game
     400xp, 270gc, Potions - Strength, Speed, Elixir of Life, Grimoire's - Bones of the Earth,       Crumble, Bind Demon

Eben - Quarles, Valdemar dead.
      660xp, 70gc, Potions - Invisibility x2, Grimoire - Dispel

It may just be a coincidence, but it seems whomever earns the title of featured on the cover, seems to suffer catastrophe during the game. Guess we will put it to the test next month.


  1. Another superb report Terry, are you using 'Comic Life' for these?

    1. I most certainly am, though I am not as puissant as Gordon in the software

    2. I think you are doing yourself down, this looks amazing!

    3. Cheers Michael! Trust me I constantly look at Gordon's AAR's to see & learn new tricks for this software

  2. Nice report. All warbands progressing nicely.

    1. Thanks Simon, although Chen-song would disagree. With losing his Wizard, his apprentice has now stepped up to lead his band (he didn't want to restart a band due to the earlier successes netting him some spells) He was unable to score enough gold to purchase a new apprentice for next game.

  3. Ouch! That was a brutal affair!

    Very much enjoyed the pics and format of the report.

    1. Thanks Dai, yes it seems our games get quite nasty, though only 1 wizard death thus far in the campaign. I am sure there will be more