Saturday, April 18, 2020

This is my dullest post

For those of you checking out my recent painted figures, you've seen my frustration with shiny anti-shine results, and yes I've already posted about these miniatures below...however;

Today I am happy with the purchase of the Testors Dullcoat I made. I've also gotten wind of other products, thanks to Michael Awdry, that I will be hoping to check out once I can source them.

So here is the result of the Army Painter  Anti-Shine left beside the same figure after being sprayed with Testor's Dullcoat

You can certainly look back on my previous posts for the recent barbarian figures I posted below. These have all now been revisited by the said Testor's Dullcoat & I am a much happier fellow due to the results.

It's plausible that the extra spray over the already Army painter Anti-shine just adds to it. More testing with mulitple sprays of the Army Painter product may be needed to prove /disprove my thoughts.

However the next figure I finish will be sprayed directly with the Testors Dullcoat. Let's think of it as a little experiment while we wile away the hours at home. Thanks to those who commented with my dilemma & offered options.


  1. There is a difference though slight, but definetly an improvement.

    1. Thanks Zabadak. Will see the effect of straight dullcoat on my next mini.

  2. The picture varnish really dulls the shine, it almost eats into the surface. Best do a test piece first.

  3. I am not keen on the AP Sprays tbh. I got some white primer and despite warming it up next to my body and shaking it really well. I have still got a slight bit of texture on some of the minis I primed with it. Nothing to cry about tbh. But my can of GW Skull White it replaced from 1996 that I finally used up last year was perfect and never had a problem with it.