Thursday, April 9, 2020

Confrontational Barbarian

I continue painting up barbarian figures for Frostgrave & have just completed this 2nd of the Confrontation Warriors of Avaghdu figures. 

These are multi-part metal figures from the OOP Confrontation Game.

These are beautiful miniatures, with lots of detail. I do see that mold line on his head now with the image so large hehe.

As stated previously, Confrontation is returning. They had a kickstarter about a year ago working on getting all the original miniatures back in production.

Still waiting for the temperatures to warm up for some more priming. It seems winter doesn't want to go away....though all of us with it would. 

No worries though, I have many more barbarians that need painting.


  1. Flesh tones are looking good Terry and lots of nice detail with the figure.

    1. Thanks Pat, the old Confrontation models are phenomenal models! So much detail.

  2. Another great piece Terry, really cracking work.

  3. Mold line found during painting are one of those hazards I'm always falling victim too - I blame my bad eyesight, but it;s still annoying.
    Good looking figure btw and a very different style from your other barbarians of late.

    1. I am with you there, that particular one was subtle enough not to be noticed until the dip. I usually spot them after priming & can scrape them down. Of course glued on heads are double the trouble, as its easy to break the glue seal while filing.