Thursday, April 2, 2020

Frostgrave Barbarian Wizard/Shaman

Here we have the Northstar Miniatures Barbarian Wizard or Shaman, however you prefer.

This is a metal miniature, quite nice, though a bit of flash needs scraping & there are areas which are a bit of a trouble to get at. Otherwise an excellent miniature, complete with fetishes & charms.

My latest discovery of sorts, is for doing wood. Previously it would be a dark brown with lighter drybrushing. Now however I've been using a light (in this case Barn Wood) followed by the GW Contrast paint Gor-grunta Fur. I find it makes a nice mottling effect.

She will of course be added to the list of those needing another anti-shine treatment once a product is found. Up next I am working on the apprentice figure.


  1. What a cracking piece of work Terry.

  2. Another great mini, is thi from the Barbsrion box too ?

    1. Hey Zabadak, no, this is a metal miniature which came with a 2nd mage one. She just got the varnish so will be posted tomorrow night most likely. Definately from Northstar however. I think I got all of the metal figures as additions to the Nickstarter