Monday, June 22, 2020

Core Space - Gak & Roykirk

As seems typical of the hobby best intentions are oft left wanting. This was the case this past weekend, as although I had hoped & intended to complete the rest of the crew of the Ion just wasn't meant to be. The lawn beckoned for a good mowing & then my wife insisted I assist with some weeding, thus the 5 hour block I had set aside for my hobby session, became 3.

Oh well, that's life. However I did get 2 of the crew finished & applied the Dullcoat this morning.

Here we have Gak & Roykirk

When it came to painting Gak, I am glad I looked at some other folks painting, as I didn't at first realize that most of his legs are bared. I originally thought he had some baggy type trousers on. I hope going forward that the illustrations provided show a whole body for those of us that like using them as guides to paint our figures. As in all the games I have with characters, I always try to paint them to match their cards, making it easy for players to identify them. I am not a fan of this clip on coloured disks that many games provide.

So that leaves 1 crewman for the Ion Hope, which I will be working on during my lunch breaks.