Monday, June 29, 2020

Core Space - The Harvest is in!

Good day of progress yesterday as I completed the remaining 4 Harvesters for the Purge.

I also got a good start on the Devastators, 1 of which I hope to complete today. Of course having Kickstarted this game, there are some more Harvesters I will be needing to paint, but again I am just focussed on the core game figures for now, just so I can get it laid out & begin learning the rules. I will likely do similar to my Frostgrave Campaign & create the Comic Life stories of the adventures. So please stay tuned as I continue this project. Thanks


  1. Great group, the figures have very dynamic poses, which I like a lot.

    1. Yhanks Zabadak, From this batch there was just the 1 figure that was duplicated. However that may be due to my just selecting 5 of the Harvesters for the Core Box from all the extra figures I got with the Kickstarter. So I would make the assumption that there are 4 poses, which as you mentioned is great!