Friday, June 12, 2020

Core Space!

After viewing various posts on this game I Kickstarted. It was time to crack the box & get into working on it.

So I will be focussed on painting up the core box figures to start. This will give me 2 crews & some Purge, as well as a couple civilians.

The Core Space Facebook site has shown me some fantastically painted figures. I noted many have transferred them to the clear bases that are becoming so popular these days.

So here is my first figure painted up. Jace Dolman, Captain of the Black Maria

I am now working on Beck.

Also I recently received my new expansions to the system.The new Dangerous Days book

As well as the 2 new box sets. Shift Change at Megacorp & Rogue Purge.

The original figures are all soft plastics, however it seems they have switched to Resin figures for these new kits.

So now its for me to get focused & get these figures painted & the terrain built so I can play a game. I am hoping that with restrictions beginning to ease that I can meet with a gaming friend, otherwise it will be a solo affair (which isn't so bad) as it will allow me to learn the rules.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I can see these miniatures appearing in all manner of adventures. Great job Terry.

    1. Thanks Michael! You will find that they are not too over the top. As traders their weaponry isn't overwhelming. Looking forward to getting this to the table...but gotta paint them first 8D

  2. There's a lot of miniature goodness there and a great little project to get your teeth into over the coming weeks.

    1. Thanks Zabadak! Now to see if I can manage to complete them before the club picks back up.