Monday, December 28, 2020

Core Space - Pi

Taking advantage of my Christmas Staycation, today I completed the last member of the Poseiden, Pi


An interesting figure with his prosthetic arm.


So that completes the first 4 crews for us to play with, however with 4 crews I doubt the initial Purge will be enough, so on to the 2nd set of the core box Purge I got with the original Kickstarter. I also need to finish clearing a space to set up the initial scenario & learn the rules to play before the pandemic ends to have the fellows over! 


  1. Great stuff Terry, that arm looks like it could cause some damage - is it something that comes into game play?

    1. He is augmented, which I take it to mean it does have some affect. Guess once I read the rules & try him out, we will know further.