Sunday, December 13, 2020

Core Space - Chit & some more 1/50 scale vehicles

Today I finished up Chit, the 2nd member of the Crew of the Cygnus.


It figures that after I took the photos this eve, that it seems I managed to somehow rub some of the paint off the back of his shoulder pad. That will be a quick touch up.

I also picked up a couple more 1/50th scale vehicles I saw at Walmart on Saturday. They are all jacked up vehicles which will make great unit transports for various survivor groups. 

 These were $4.97 each.  The VW is ripe for some grafitti!


  1. Chit 375, looks great and what monster of a figure!
    Other thanthevw(whichI think looks a littlesilly) the vehicles are the type I reckon survviors may go for, before realising there petrol (gas?) consumtion !

    1. Thanks Zabadak, as much as they would learn that these are indeed gas guzzlers, I think that the added height would be a bonus against the ravenous hordes of zombies....& other things. The VW was likely a hippie surfer boys dream & I bought it more so that I could graffiti it up & maybe add some defensive detailing over the windows etc. I agree on the Core Space figures, there are some great ones in the crews! I am also thinking about those Rogue Stars figures I got from Northstar , that they would also make for some good crews!