Saturday, November 12, 2011

1st Annual Rememberance Day Gaming Afternoon

With Rememberance Day being generally a solemn day as I reflect on friends & buddies whom I served with while in the military, I have decided that the afternoon should be spent with new friends over a friendly historical simulation of sorts.

Last year we had the good fortune of having Dave run a WW1 scenario at Chaos Gaming. This year I decided to coincide the launch of my new gaming space with what I hope will become an annual venue.

The first batch of the fellows to arrive were Jonathon, Chen, Scott & Jason (whom was kind enough to bring his 15mm WW2 miniatures). Later arrivals were Bruce and Dennis.

Jason gave us an introduction to the new Too Fat Lardies "I Ain't Been Shot Mum v3" pitting Americans vs Germans in a battle over a Chateau.

Quick lessons learned from this battle. 1 -  Once your caught in the open by a MG your buggered.
2 - When you send a Dummy Blind off to a flank, don't be surprised when the recce patrol finds some wine & pretty much stays where it was.

It became quite a bottleneck for the Americans as all the units were forced to enter on the road right smack dab into a German MG fire lane. After one platoon was decimated the rest hunkered down behind a hedgerow.

Of note was that Scott seems to have dodged his bad dice by leaving the city & travelling North beyond Edmontons limits....Not to worry though, I am sure they will be happily awaiting his return to his normal haunts.

Thanks to all who came to launch the room. You can expect more invites to come out & enjoy an afternoon's gaming.


  1. Thanks for hosting the game Terry. I look forward to coming out for more!

  2. Looks like a good time! I see you put Brice's terrain hexes to good use!