Tuesday, February 7, 2012

EWG Club Night 7 Feb 12

WOW! Ok! I got it! 2 months since I last posted. Ok, here we go finally. Even got some photos.

Now with all the hubbaloo done, I have still been gaming at the club since November, but I haven't taken along the camera...no excuse honestly.

Tonight however, with Dave bringing out Kampfgruppe Normandie for us to play, the camera was a must.

This first shot is of the battlefield setup. The 7th armoured start in column on the road near Villers Bocage.

Here we have the lead column of Cromwells and a Firefly. Another column was still within the town, which is what my partner Kevin ran

A shot of the town with Wittmen's Tigers about to pounce.

The first game saw the British draw first blood as a Tiger is brewed up.

And the reaction by Shutzen Scott as he draws a 'chit'

A daring move by Kevin to take fire from the Pzr IV

Unfortunately for that Cromwell, it was time for tea, though it did lead to the Panzers demise.

The battle ended with all the German Tanks knocked out.

So we switched sides. Kevin and I taking the role of Wittmen's troop. Wittmen had to bail out of his burning Tiger and rushed over to take command of the tank seen here, and managed to single handedly knock out the entire troop of Shermans that snuck into the rear. That added to the tally of a further troop of tank caught by the Tigers within the town.

All in all a very interesting set of rules. When vehicles were knocked out, the side losing the vehicle/element had to draw a chit to see how much "morale" their side lost. We never did see either side reach their break point. Another interesting aspect is that there were some chits within the cup that provided a random event. Those who know me, know just how much I enjoy random things that occur within games.

So now I look forward to next Tuesday's DBA night.

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