Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mayday! Mayday!

As the subject alludes to, today was the Edmonton Wargames Group Mayday convention. It started off with a bang as I arrived to find out Scott needed to head back home as he was quite ill. So after a quick handover, my involvement became much greater.

The hall was quite full with 2 tournament occurring (Warhammer 40K & Warmachine)

I started my day by playing a game of G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T, hosted by Sean & his son Liam.

Once again I donned the guise of Phil McCracken & his Camel Corps. Below is the table. The goal of each force was to make it to the Skull Monument & hold the location against all comers.

The locale had some rather varied critters, below are a group of Rock People & some Lizard-men further back.

A larger spider charged my force, slaying one of the men.

Splitting my force, I had the dismounted Riflemen  to engage the Rock People

 The Legion officer was away on his own gathering Glowidium & was engaged by a Giant spider.

Craig's faction had a robot who plunged amongst the red lizard men.

Phil and a rifleman surged to the objective, but were slain

Eventually we awoke a dinosaur. Just as it arrived on the board, a beam of sunlight shone down further hi-lighting the beast.

Meanwhile Stampy engaged the good doctor & slew him.

The robot was brought low & tumbled forward, crushing 3 members of the Shore party.

Eventually the dinosaur charged into the French.

For my second game, after dealing with the auction, it was time for another round of All's Quiet on the Martian Front.

The scenario was thus:

The humans have identified a Martian redoubt. The sent forth a land ship to take it out, however  mechanical breakdowns caused it to be immobile. As the call went out for back-up, the attached forces deployed & created defences.

Meanwhile the Martians have mustered forces to destroy this behemoth.


One of the human rifle groups was detected, & obliterated.

At the opposite end of the table, the Martians were running into stiff resistance as both scouts were destroyed.

As the human armoured reinforcements arrive, one was taken out by a heat wave.

One of the scouts plunges through the woods.

Things continue to be a challenge for the Martians on the left flank, as more tripods explode.

 More human tanks are destroyed.

The game ended with the landship not being destroyed, the ship only receiving 1 critical of the 5 needed.

A further view of the left flank where the Martians were being overwhelmed.

So thus ends another Mayday convention. I am now looking forward to Cangames!



  1. Wow, lots of familiar faces around those tables. :)


  2. Aye Brent, nice having them come up to our little venue. Of note, is there was nary a boardgame to be seen. The DBA player numbers were well down unfortunately.

  3. Terry, great pics! Thanks again it was great playing and catching up with friends old and new.
    Liam and I are in your debt for your hospitality.