Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Another year comes to a close. As we all take some time to reflect all that's gone on in our lives this past year, it is with hope & optimism that we look forward to next year & all it brings.


2015 was certainly a year of ups & downs, with Oil tumbling to record lows, & I've had to watch many work acquaintances be let go to forge new careers. The Canadian dollar is once again below par, thus making any new gaming orders from outside Canada that much more expensive. 

However it was also a year of some good gaming & hobby time. I finally got to play some Chain of Command, got into Frostgrave, played a game of Star Wars Imperial Assault - enough to know I liked it. Got to run some All's Quiet on the Martian Front scenarios at Mayday & Fallcon. Zombicide! Of course Zombicide & now having just received the core game of Zombicide Black Plaque - can look forward to enjoying it this year.

As well several Kickstarters arrived - adding to the mounds of miniatures that will need to see some paint. Kingdom Death anyone? Cthulhu Wars, Bloodrage, Wrath of Kings, Rum & Bones & others.

So we start with saying good-bye to 2015 as posted courtesy of the last miniature completed in 2015.

Like this Wraith, which I believe may be a Westwind Dwarf Wars figure, 2015 fades away into the past. This Wraith will unlive on however to make guest appearances in Frostgrave & Mordheim games.

As well I had downloaded these circles which were created from a fellow on the Frostgrave Facebook group. I tried to go back to find his name, but alas, after sifting through all the posts to the beginning of December, I had to give up. Feel free to comment below if you recognize the creator.

These will be needed for 'The Keep'- scenario & act as teleporters.

After printing & mounting on cardstock, there were areas on each circle which had no image. This left white spots. Originally I was going to cut them out, but then decided the easier solution would be to cover these areas in glue & sand, then drubrush them as rubble.

So thanks to whoever you were that posted these. I have seem some posts of people going to great lengths to create actual cast pieces for these. These will make a very good substitute for the time taken to build those.

So what lies ahead for 2016. Well of course I will attempt to spend more time working on my miniatures, trying to devote an hour or CD worth of music per day. This didn't survive well last year.

As well I want to run the Frostgrave Campaign, which hopes to see a scenario a month at my place. This of course will require a few more committed players - yes EWG guys I am talking to you!

There is the continuing Chain of Command campaign running at the club by Dave.

I would also like to get the initial figures for Kingdom Death done to give that system a try as well.

Lastly we cannot forget those hordes of Zombies for Zombicide that need to be dealt with, as well as all the survivors needed to stem their tides.

Cheers everyone & Happy New Year!




  1. Nice work on the Wraith and those stone circles look cool. :)

    Good luck in your 2016 endeavours!

  2. Happy New Year Terry! Those Stones circles are great especially the loose dirt covering them very effective looking. Nice work on the wraith as well like the yellow eyes.