Sunday, June 12, 2016

Frostgrave - The Library

Today we played our next scenario of Frostgrave, this time vying to recover a tome of great power (a grimoire containing 3 spells) from the Library of Frostgrave.

The rubbled ruins were only the first test to overcome.

A stairway within the complex led to the lower chambers, wherein the tome lay.

There was only a single way into this level, however there were 5 other exits, which led to catacombs & would provide a randomly determined exit point on the surface above.

On a large alter, lay the Grimoire the Wizards sought.

A new warband also arrived in the city, led by Stunty & his apprentice Stumpy. He was quick to prevent Julio's warband from targeting him with missile fire by laying a fog spell.

Ember arrives with her body guards, which now included a Captain.

Julio's warband deploys

My treasure hunter was beset by 2 skeletons after snagging a treasure. He was wounded & things were looking pretty bad for him.

Some quick work by Ember allowed a Leap spell to pull him from further harm. He was then healed & able to continue the foray.

The skeletons then wandered off the end of the floor right onto an unsuspecting archer belonging to Cormac.

Stumpy managed to get to the lower level first, with a thief & marksman. Cormac was quick on his heels however with a Barbarian & Infantryman.

Cormac was felled by the Captain of Ember's band.

Shortly thereafter my Templar succumbed to a critical.

Below ground, Stumpy & the thief delved further within, leaving the Marksman to hold Cormac's troops in check.

Julio was having a field day, once again critting one of my archers.

As Stumpy telkinesed the grimoire from the alter, a Book Worm appeared.

At about this time, Julio's luck began to change for the worse. One of his warriors laden with treasure was beset on by a wandering small construct.

"Aha! An easy victory" was shouted, followed by the construct rolling a crit. 

Stunty's marksman falls to a critical hit, as Ember & some of her warriors arrive. Things were bloody as first Cormac lost his infantryman, then both the Man at Arms & Captain were taken down by Cormac's Barbarian. The Barbarian was dropped by Ember.

After a huge success by Stunty's wounded thief, who near slew the Book Worm with a single hit, the wounded worm received a critical hit from Ember

Julio arrived in the now near empty lower level. Upon snagging a treasure, he was beset by a Ghoul. His treasure hunter took a wound before Julio managed to slay it. As they were attempting to leave, another ghoul charged in.

Julio trying to save his wounded treasure hunter, was felled by a Critical hit! 

At this point the game was pretty much over. The much depleted warbands managed to scramble off to their bases.

During the aftermath;

Stunty had 2 warriors wounded & missing next game. He managed to get the grimoire off & found it contained Scattershot, Steal health, Animal Companion. 
He also found another grimoire containing Absorb Knowledge & some Robes of Arrow Turning.

Cormac & Jimmy were both taken out of action (Not sure the results of injury). His band managed to retrieve 1 treasure containing a Grimoire of Elemental Bolt.

Julio was slain after falling to the Ghoul. His apprentice will now lead the warband going forward. His band managed to get quite a few treasures off & found them to contain a Banner of Courage & Grimoires of Fog & Enchant Weapon

Ember's band managed to retrieve 4 treasures. The band suffered the loss off the Man at Arms & the Captain was badly wounded (there goes another 100gp to correct this issue).
 The treasures included a Ring of Slow Fall, Belt of Animal Repellance & Grimoires of Bone Dart & Steal Health.

Thus the warbands retired to dress their wounds & seek out replacements for those lost.



  1. Looks like a great game with fantastic scenery - bravo!

    1. Thanks JP, it was a long slugfest (took us about 5 1/2 hours to play it out with 4 of us. We also had a neophyte playing which meant explaining things as we went along. Had a great time though & running it at my place avoids the worry of time.

  2. Absolutely tremendous and I love the lower levels! So many critical hits too, very exciting. I now own a copy of the rules and just trying to decide, which wizard to go with - the Summoner is looking favourite at the moment.

    1. Thanks Michael, that is pretty much the extent of my older Dwarven Forge set (the only piece not used was the 4 way intersection). Yes it started out slow, but when the crits started to happen, they quickly emptied the field.

      Good luck with your band! I look forward to seeing your first foray into the Frost!

  3. Great library Terry!! Looks great...I like the transition from above to below ground...very well done.

    Take care.

    1. Thanks very much Stanley, I've been focused on getting those shelves done the past couple weeks, which is why so few posts.

      As well thanks for stopping by to view my blog!

  4. So much superb looking terrain to fight over, must make a fun gaming experience.

    1. Thanks Silver Whistle,the advantage of playing at one's home vs at the club, much easier to pull out the bigger terrain bits.